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Historical and Archival

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Astronauts By American Flag

Monkey Doing Tricks and Playing Instrument

Apollo 11 Lifting Off

Pensive Worried Black African Man Feeling Anxious And Concerned Sitting Outside In Sidewalk Curb 2

Silhouettes of soldiers during World War II - archive

tuning the old radio

Fighting Men Get Food Thrown at Them On Stage

forties photographer taking a photo black and white.

Man and Woman Doing Tricks on Bicycle

JFK Speech Man Landing On The Moon

Romanian soldiers fight in a misty forest - archive

Craters on the Moon

Module Breaking Off From Rocket

View of Planet Earth From Inside the Apollo 7 Spacecraft


Employee and coworker working together on project at laptop, solving tasks late at night, celebrating positive feedback from management

Obama Talking About Developing a Plan for Job Growth


Side chest up of diverse male and female friends sitting at bar counter with beer and eagerly discussing course of game watching TV in modern pub

Soviet WWII Heavy Bomber - archive 02

Woman Doing Strange Dance in Vaudeville Show

tilt up reporter smoking

Gladiators fighting on arena

Bottom of Saturn Rocket During Lift Off

film noir pan right reporter typing

Vintage radio being tuned by woman, black and white

Two Men Playing Instruments for Woman in Window

Flames and Fire Coming Out Atlantis Space Shuttle Engines

Group Of Excited Male Friends Watching Sports On TV And Celebrating At Home With Pizza Together

Two Men and Police Officer Fighing in Vaudeville Skit

Old Radio Film Look

Five fighter airplanes travel in formation above the clouds. Clouds from my portfolio; planes are public domain images (simulation).

Two Men HItting Each Other With Bags Filled of Soot


A Brazilian Black Man Walking In Street Sidewalk Looking Urban Environment

Machines Moving Inside Space Shuttle

Astronaut Movement Tests on Moon


Sensual couple embracing at windows. Brunette woman cuddling half man tenderly at flat. lovers hugging at home atmosphere.

Earth From Space

Old Film Countdown to Vaudeville Show

Two Douglas C-47 Skytrains fly in formation over mountainous terrain (simulation). Landscape is shot by me, and the plane is from a public domain government photograph.

Men and Woman Performing Tricks on Bike and Unicycle

Man in Trench Coat Getting Very Excited

Chess Match Close Up Macro Sliding Over Game Board 1

Woman Dancing in Vaudeville Act

Clown Balancing on Chair


Two Young Black Latina Women Looking At Their Phones Sitting On Sofa At Home

Civil War reenactment (3 of 3)

German World War 2 Soldiers Firing With Shell Explosion, Slow Motion

Man With Umbrella Gets Things Thrown at Him

Soviet WWII Ground-Attack Aircraft - archive 02