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Historical and Archival

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Astronauts By American Flag

Apollo 11 Lifting Off

Rocket Arch Into Atmosphere

Clapping Audience At Press Event

Presenter shows news about airlines and commercial flights making a comeback before holiday season. Media journalist talking about airplane

Monkey Doing Tricks and Playing Instrument

Craters on the Moon

tuning the old radio

International Space Station Orbitting Earth Horizon

Woman Doing Strange Dance in Vaudeville Show

Fighting Men Get Food Thrown at Them On Stage

Timelapse Of The Sphinx In Giza Valley, Cairo, Egypt 4k 2

Pensive Worried Black African Man Feeling Anxious And Concerned Sitting Outside In Sidewalk Curb 2

Silhouettes of soldiers during World War II - archive

Astronauts Setting Up Lunar Surface Experiments 2

Full footage of father in white muslim cap and kandora explaining basic rules of islam with Koran in hand to little son. Sister and mother sitting nearby in hijabs and listening

Super 8mm film frame with alpha channel.

Astronaut Sampling Soil Contents of Moon Surface 2

Lunar Module Lowering To Moon Surface

Bible Scripture, The Proverbs, rotation

Soviet WWII Heavy Bomber - archive 02

Kinescope looking footage of a UFO as it flies over a mountain. Black and white in full HD.

Machines Moving Inside Space Shuttle

Module Breaking Off From Rocket

Woman Dancing With Chair in Her Mouth in Vaudeville Show


Team of IT specialists managing data center with advanced technology using devices. Coworkers in server room optimizing data center hardware

Obama Talking About Developing a Plan for Job Growth

Two Douglas C-47 Skytrains fly in formation over mountainous terrain (simulation). Landscape is shot by me, and the plane is from a public domain government photograph.

Bottom of Saturn Rocket During Lift Off

Vintage Film Kids Play in Kiddie Pool

Astronauts On Moon Surface Adjusting Equipment


Portrait of smiling man at urban park. Happy hispanic guy posing at tree greenery relaxing at summer weekend outdoors looking camera closeup

Kinescope-looking footage of a flying saucer as it hovers over a valley. Black and white


Hispanic lady texts on mobile phone sitting on yoga mat. Young Mixed race lady rests using social media during home training.

JFK Speech Man Landing On The Moon

Red Film Overlay with scratches and grain texture

Chess Match Close Up Macro Sliding Over Game Board 1

Man With Umbrella Gets Things Thrown at Him

Man and Woman Doing Tricks on Bicycle

forties photographer taking a photo black and white.

Man Holds Woman on Motorcycle Using His Mouth

Employee and coworker working together on project at laptop, solving tasks late at night, celebrating positive feedback from management

The Moon from Apollo 10

Clown Balancing on Chair

Fire Coming Out of Atlantis Mission Flying Through the Sky

Slow Motion Dramatic Shoot Out

Five fighter airplanes travel in formation above the clouds. Clouds from my portfolio; planes are public domain images (simulation).

Two Men HItting Each Other With Bags Filled of Soot