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Royalty Free Music

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Create more with unlimited royalty free music downloads

Whether you’re looking for a sad track to set a dramatic tone or an upbeat pop song to energize and inspire, find the exact song you need for your project from our extensive music library. Your projects need the freshest, most polished music - and that’s exactly what we provide. We work with professional musicians and composers to handpick the best royalty free music for our library. Browse by mood, genre, or instrument, and look out for the "new" banner to see the freshest tracks. Our music can be used in many different projects from YouTube video to podcasts to production music mixing and so much more.

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Top Royalty Free Music Collections

With a massive library of royalty free songs, you will be able to find exactly what you need for any project.

Tips and Tutorials

Looking to expand your YouTube and podcast skills? Learn more about monetizing your channel, adding a great podcast intro, and much more on our tutorials hub. Our subscription model allows you to download and test multiple tracks before committing to a single, expensive piece of content.

Why Storyblocks?

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YouTube Cleared

All of our music is cleared and safe to use in YouTube videos. Receive a Content ID claim? Our customer service team is here to help. In most cases, our team is able to resolve YouTube copyright issues within 72 hours. Learn more about how Storyblocks works with you to resolve Content ID claims quickly and painlessly.

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Organize your favorites before you commit

Sign up for a free account and start tagging your favorite tracks! Use folders to organize your saved music by project. Ready to commit? Sign up for a subscription plan and start downloading (we offer both WAV and MP3 files). Once you are ready to license music, we’ll walk you through the process so you can place tracks and complete your project with confidence.

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What is Royalty Free music?

"Royalty free" is a type of license that allows the unlimited use of content without having to pay royalty fees. All of the content on Storyblocks is available to subscribers royalty free. Anything that you publish during your time as a Storyblocks member will be covered by our license - forever. Choose a plan today to start downloading your music of choice and create your project.

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Seamless reporting for PROs

Need to build a cue sheet and report audio usage? If a track is represented by a PRO (Performance Right Organization), we make that information readily available and easy to find. Note that some tracks are not repped by PROs and will be flagged as such.

Plans & Pricing

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    Plans with licensing and features for content creators, freelancers and video professionals.

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    Plans with enhanced licensing and exclusive features for broadcast, video production, and marketing teams.

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We want to provide you with the highest quality music at affordable prices. We offer several flexible plans at different price points so you can find the best option for your budget. Visit our plans and pricing page to find the best subscription for you.