Online Video Editing

Easy, intuitive video editor that is fully integrated with Storyblocks' library to save you time.
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Easily add Storyblocks content directly into your project

Choose from millions of stock video clips, music files, sound effects, and images directly in Maker, supplied by our huge demand-driven library.

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Grow your business with scroll-stopping social content

Businesses that use video marketing grow 49% faster than those that don’t. Use Maker to cut through the noise and reach customers, wherever they spend their time.
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Previews in wide, square, and vertical sizes

Upload your own content

Quickly personalize videos with your custom logos, video, audio, and images.
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Customize with animations, outros, and more

Our intuitive editing tool lets you personalize your videos with different transitions, fonts, overlays and color palettes to match your branding.

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Maker for Teams

Create with confidence and get your videos in market quicker with brands, templates, and shared projects.

Maker for Teams is exclusively available for customers on our Business plans.

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